Thursday, October 20, 2011

* Easy Fall Kid Craft: Colored Glue Leaves With Watercolor Resist

We've been doing lots of fall crafting around here lately.
This project evolved from our colored Elmer's glue projects.

The girls asked if we could make big fall leaves with our colored glue
and I said, Absolutely!

We started by lightly sketching big leaf shapes on white drawing paper
with pencil, then outlining the pencil lines with colored Elmer's glue. 
For directions on how to make your own colored Elmer's glue 
see our post here about making your own Rainbow Glue

The next day, after the glue dried, we went back and started 
coloring the leaves in with watercolors.

We like Rainbow leaves around here, can you tell?

"E" painting some leaves.

"C" painting some leaves.

Mom painting a leaf.

While the watercolor was still wet, 
we sprinkled some table salt over some of them 
for a fun mottled look! 
(we keep a salt shaker in the art studio with our watercolors
for this exact purpose!) 

Just shake/brush off the excess salt after the watercolors dry.

Now, what to do with our giant colorful leaves?

I think we may cut them out and put them up in the 
playroom windows with our sand paper leaves!

I recommend doing this project with ages 3 and up.

For this project you will need:
Colored Elmer's Glue (see our recipe here)
Drawing paper or watercolor paper
Salt (optional) 

Happy Fall Leaf Painting!

Pink and Green Mama

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