Tuesday, October 11, 2011

* Bleach Spider Web Halloween Shirt Tutorial

So this weekend, I made my sweet "C" this bleached halloween t-shirt 
out of a black shirt from her closet. 
It's super easy and only took a few hours to dry.

For this project, you will need a black cotton t-shirt,
a Clorox Bleach pen, and a piece of cardboard or heavy paper bag
to put inside the shirt to protect the back of the shirt.

Sketch your design with the bleach pen on the dry t-shirt. 
Be careful not to get any bleach on your work surface or your own clothes!
(see how I dripped on the table - that got wiped up quickly!)

Note: I did this project myself, I guess you could let older children do it, 
but I thought this craft was better as a grown up's job.

Here's the finished spider web and spider in bleach pen.
Leave it alone, laying flat somewhere out of the way (away from small kids and pets)
Leave the paper bag/cardboard inside your shirt for this step.

Watch the bleached areas, if you look carefully at this photo 
you can see the black fabric starting to turn orange.
When you have it "developed" to the color you desire, 
remove the cardboard or paper bag insert and
wash it out in the sink with soapy water. 
Be careful not to splash any bleach or bleach water on your own clothes!

Here's my crummy, out of focus photo of the wet, 
washed out t-shirt in my sink -- but you can see how it wasn't 
bleached out in some areas so I wrung out the excess water and went back and touched it up.

While the shirt was still wet, I re-inserted the paper bag
and I touched up all the splotchy areas with the bleach pen.
You don't have to wait for the shirt to dry to do this...

I let it sit on there for a 2 more hours. 
I don't have an exact time total to tell you, it's just kind of a look at it and wash it out 
when it looks the way you want it to kind of a project.

But, don't leave it on all day or the bleach can eat holes in your project!

That's better. 
Here's the shirt washed out in the sink with soap and dried in the dryer.
 I love the way it turned out
and the way black turns to orange when you bleach it is perfect for Halloween!

Close up of "C"s new Halloween t-Shirt.

My sassy little model sure likes it!
Happy Frugal Halloween Crafting!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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