Sunday, September 18, 2011

* Fall Fun: Making Leaves With Elmer's Glue and Waxed Paper

The girls and I have been having so much fun with 
our homemade rainbow glue.
(you can find directions here)
We decided to see what would happen if we made 
glue "leaves" on waxed paper. 

I always love it when the girls come up with fun projects to experiment with!

First, we drew some leaf shapes with a black permanent marker
on the less waxy side of the waxed paper. 
Then, we flipped the paper over and worked on the waxy side.

Outline each leaf with colored glue, 
then fill it with more colored glue. 

Try not to let the tip of the glue bottle touch or it will smear your project!

The girls and I all worked on this sheet together.

"E" came up with this technique adding 
lots of neat colors, patterns, and shapes 
(kind of like our art studio rug!). 

This rainbow leaf was my favorite.  "E" did a great job on it. 
I think Wassily Kandinsky (or my buddy Meg Duerksen)  would love it too!

After we finished our leaves, the girls asked if they could make other glue shapes.
So they each drew on a new piece of waxed paper. 

"E" made a glue "felt board" play set with: a frog, some grass, 
a worm, flower pot, snail, a monogram "E", and a flower. 

Blurry pictures of her snail and frog in progress.

"C" working on her rainbow "Pteranodon",
she's obsessed with the show "Dinosaur Train" on PBS. 

Not to shabby for a 4-year-old!

We set our glue masterpieces aside to dry in the art studio for a day.
Then, carefully peeled them off the waxed paper. 

The ones that were made with thicker layers of glue did much better.
The thin ones, cracked and broke apart : ( 

Happy Fall Crafting!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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