Monday, August 1, 2011

* Splatter Paint and Watercolor Outer Space Picture Project

I decided to kick off Outer Space week 
with a fun art lesson I used to do with my elementary school students!
We made our own Outer Space Mixed Media picture.

First, I set up "C" with some watercolor paper.
We traced some circle shapes by tracing around 
play-dough lids, coins, and various cups in the art studio.

Then, she got to work painting cool planets.
It's more fun to make up your own but you could
try to make a scale model of space and our solar system
if you wanted to get all scientific. 

She really enjoyed using the "wet on wet" technique
for some cool planet effects! 

While the watercolor planets were drying, 
we headed out into the yard to make our "stars" in outer space.

Equipped with a shallow dish of white paint,
an old toothbrush, and some black construction paper.
I showed "C" how to dip her tooth brush in the white paint
and flick/splatter the paint onto the black paper.

Note: Point the bristles DOWN to the paper, not up 
or you'll get paint freckles on your face!

The various white flecks and splatters of paint look like stars!

Then, it was time to cut out the planets 
and start gluing them onto her outer space background.

She used an Elmer's Glue glue stick (our favorite)
to glue down all of her planets.

Close-up of splatter stars and colorful planets!

Ta-da, an out of this world picture!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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