Sunday, August 28, 2011

* ReCycle Craft: Paper Cup Weaving!

This fun little project was an extension of our Elmer's Glue
Kid's craft camp fun... we had so many fun Elmer's glue project ideas 
we just couldn't stop ourselves!

It's inspiration came from Gail, at That Artist Woman Blog,
she's awesome (have I told you that before?) and her cup weaving lesson
(go check them out, they're beautiful!)

Crafty play date fun! 
Because crafting is more fun with friends.

For this project, we started with some paper party cups 
leftover from an old birthday party.
I mixed up a batch of watered-down Elmer's white school glue
to make our own homemade Mod Podge. 

The girls used foam craft brushes to apply coats of watery glue to the cups. 
(don't make it too watery, keep it thick)  
We used pretty paper napkins (from my paper napkin stash). 

Separate the layers of the napkins, most napkins have 3 layers, 
you only need the top one or two layers for this project. 
Apply a thin layer of the watery glue to the cup, 
then press on the napkin - you can add a tiny bit on top of the napkin if it's too dry, 
but be careful because it will rip and tear easily!

We set our cups aside to dry for a couple of hours.
Then, we cut small slits evenly around the top edge of the cup.

Look closely and you'll see we made little "V" shaped cuts
into the round cups. 

Then, I set out a variety of yarn and string
and showed the girls how to weave their yarn
over and under around the cups. 
We tucked the loose ends inside the cups. 

Sorry for the blurry "action" shots, it's tricky
to get good photos of crafts in progress!

We used fuzzy yarn, crinkly yarn, brown rope, and 
different rainbow yarns. 
You could use embroidery floss too!

The final cups are great as little pencil holders on our desks!
These would be great gifts for grandparents or teachers : )

Coming up next, we'll show and tell 
our recycled milk carton weaving! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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