Wednesday, August 31, 2011

* ReCycle Craft: Milk Carton Weaving!

This recycled milk carton project was inspired 
by our recycled cup weaving project!

We used the same technique as our cup weaving project.
But this time we started by cutting down two empty
and washed out cardboard 1/2 gallon milk containers.

To help the glue stick, the girls and I sanded the outside
of both cartons lightly with a sanding block. 

Then, we mixed up an Elmer's white school glue and water solution
to use as homemade Mod Podge. 

We painted the exterior of each container with the glue and water solution
and pressed on our paper. For the "spotty" carton we used a scrap
of old wrapping paper and the rainbow band is a strip cut off of a 
tissue paper package. The other box is an old road map from the beach. 

Allow the glue time to dry completely. Ours took a couple of hours.
Then, you'll need to cut even slits with a pair of scissors around the container.
I used my nice, new, sharp X-Acto brand scissors that Elmer's Glue sent us! 

After that, you're ready to start weaving. 
I recommend using an assortment 
of yarns, threads, string for a variety of textures. 
Tuck your loose ends inside the cup (or tie them together inside). 

We use our cups to hold art supplies
like pens, markers, scissors, and paint brushes.

Happy Re-Cycle Crafting!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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