Thursday, August 4, 2011

* Outer Space Themed Sensory Box

This week we put together an 
Outer Space-themed Sensory Box
for our play room shelves. 

(I also made one for "C"s preschool teacher - 
Shhh... don't tell, it's a surprise)

We started by making some clay planets 
with Pluffy brand Clay that you bake in the oven. 
(We buy it at Michaels craft store by the Sculpey clay)

The mini planets were fun to play with on our space silk. 

We added some wind up robots and a few space shuttles.

For the sensory box, I was going to try making homemade moon sand
(the recipes are all over the blogosphere using play sand, water, and corn starch)
but, I didn't want the sand in the house. 

 I wanted to use dried black beans but couldn't find any at the store
so we substituted with some (clean) black aquarium gravel from the pet store.

We added some beads and silvery metallic stars for a little bling. 
The gravel is a bit heavy and I think we would have more fun with dried beans (they feel better),
I'm still going to be on the look out for some dried black beans. 

Note: We made this sensory box in a smaller box so it's not so heavy with the gravel.

We found some squishy, stretchy robot guys 
in the dollar bin at Target this week (Score!)
(Psst....they also have great Outer Space workbooks and flash cards there)

Happy Space Exploration!

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Check out my super fun Outer Space Art Project

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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