Wednesday, August 3, 2011

* Outer Space Planet Counting Plates and Preschool Worksheets

We've been practicing counting and number recognition 
with "C" during our preschool at home lessons. 
I saw some awesome Commemorative Planet Plates by Garth Johnson
and thought wouldn't that be a cool project to adapt for "C" this week
for our Smart Summer Challenge, Outer Space Week. 

So, I printed out a planet coloring sheet from Coloring Castle
then, "C" and I colored in the sheet
with Crayola Markers and Elmer's Gel Pens 
(our new favorite because they're sparkly and awesome.)

I numbered some paper plates from 1-8
with a black permanent marker 
and we cut out and glued each planet to a plate.

"C" is learning how to recognize her numbers and her planets
and she's learning how to put them in order. 

It's also great practice for "E" (and honestly, mommy too) to learn 
the sequence of planets from the sun in our solar system!

I also printed out these worksheets on card stock
for "C" from Make Learning Fun 
thanks to Counting Coconuts awesome post about her 
mini outer space unit for this great project!

She happily sits placing these little glass beads 
from our sensory box stash. 

We're having fun this week studying all about space!
Come back on this Friday and leave a comment or a link
and show me what you've been up to this week 
for a chance to win great prizes from our Smart Summer Challenge Sponsors!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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