Thursday, August 11, 2011

* How To Make Elmer's Glue Rainbow Glue - ReCycle Those Half-Empty Glue Bottles!

Anyone else out there have an assortment of 
half-empty glue bottles?
I've got a fun COLORFUL project for you!

"C" asked if we could make RAINBOW Glue.

We rounded up all of the half-empty glue containers
and added squirts of acrylic craft paint to them.

Then, we used bamboo wooden (shish-kabob) skewers to stir the 
paint and glue mixture.  See, it's a very scientific and technical method
we're using here! Don't ask me how much paint, just a few blobs.

NOTE: Don't try to add paint to a brand-new, super full bottle of glue!

We ended up making a whole rainbow of colored Elmer's Glue!
I see lots of fun colorful glue projects in our future : )

Grammy was over for a playdate so she joined in on the fun (she made a picture of her cat).
Big sister "E" was at Sewing Camp but I'm sure
she'll make her own colored glue picture when she gets home!

We "drew" with our glue on watercolor paper.
(you can sketch lightly with pencil first or just work "free form")

Grammy's Cat.

This one started as a Kandinsky circle and evolved into a snail!

"C"s blue and green snail for her big sister.

We set them out in the sunshine to dry for a few hours
 but if you can't do that, just  set them aside in a flat place indoors
(out of the way) and they'll dry in about a day.

Then, we used watercolors to add even more color 
to our rainbow glue masterpieces!

The super nifty part of this project is that the glue 
serves as a barrier (or mini glue wall) between your watercolor paint colors
so they don't bleed together as easily as they sometimes do!

It is much less frustrating for little ones to paint their colors 
side by side without as much muddy brown!

Check it out, orange and green playing in perfect harmony 
with no muddy brown mixture!

Rainbow Snail!

"C" (age 4) using her favorite wet-on-wet technique to blend
shades of blue for her beautiful ocean. 

"C"s Ocean with a Pink and Blue Fish.
I'll be posting fun Elmer's crafts for 2 weeks! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
Elmer's glue provided me and my family with a crate full of art supplies
to review and keep. I did not receive any additional compensation for this post. 

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