Tuesday, August 2, 2011

* Homemade Outer Space Felt Board and Felt Build A Rocket Game

I made this outer space felt board set for the girls to play with this week 
for our final Smart Summer Challenge week, 
Outer Space Fun

The background is one of our homemade felt boards,
blue felt glued to a big poster board-size piece of foam core. 

To make the planets, and other goodies
I just drew with permanent markers (Sharpies) on stiff felt from the craft store.
Then, I carefully cut them out and handed them to "C" 
who promptly decided where everything should go
and requested a rocket ship, some stars, and her own pink planet.

"E" asked for an alien, a UFO, and her own blue and purple planet.

I also put together this little game for "C"s  preschool at home centers. 

This is our roll a space ship game.
 I went ahead and made ours as a mini felt board.

It's similar to our homemade Felt Build a Pumpkin Face Game 
(Remember this one?) I made for the girls at Halloween in 2010. 

The "Spacey background" is a piece of glittery black 
(stiff) felt that I had in my craft supply stash. 
The space ship parts are made out of scraps of felt. 

The dice is a wooden block we painted black and added our own white painted dots. 
I wanted to use a regular die but "C" wanted to make a homemade one....

The game directions are printed on card stock, each time she rolls the dice
there is a piece of the rocket ship that corresponds to the numbers on the dice. 

I hand colored the instructions sheet with some Elmer's Gel Pens
so she'd have an easier time working independently.

Bonus - she can play with the rocket ship on her big felt board too!

I'll be sharing more of our Outer Space fun all week.

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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