Sunday, August 14, 2011

* Elmer's Gel Glue Batik Aprons

To celebrate our Elmer's Kids Craft Camp we tried out another classic art teacher project,
batik dyeing with Elmer's Gel Glue and acrylic paint on craft aprons. 

This kid-friendly batik technique has been a favorite of many art teachers over the years!

Start by "drawing" your design on your fabric with Elmer's Gel Glue. 
We worked on aprons but you could also use canvas bags, t-shirts, or pillow cases.

The glue will seep through the fabric a bit so you'll want to put a piece of cardboard, newspaper, 
or magazine underneath your project to protect the table. 

Allow the gel glue to dry completely.
We let ours dry in the sun for several hours. 

Then, paint over the designs with acrylic paint.
You can even water down the paint for a more liquid-y look. 

Protect your work-surface area with cardboard,
newspapers, or similar underneath the painted fabric.

The painted aprons. 

Allow the paint to dry completely before 
starting the final step!

Now for the fun, magical part!

Fill your sink with warm/hot water and soak the projects for 10-20 minutes.

The gel glue will dissolve, you can help it along 
by rubbing the fabric together and agitating it a bit to scrub off any excess glue. 

Allow your wet projects to dry...

Enjoy your awesome batik!

This project is part of our two-week series for the Elmer's Craft Camp!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
Elmer's glue provided me and my family with a crate full of art supplies
to review and keep. I did not receive any additional compensation for this post. 

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