Thursday, July 7, 2011

* Patriotic 4th of July Eye Spy Rice Bottle

As part of Week 2's Government Week for the Smart Summer Challenge
the girls and I decided to make a Patriotic Eye Spy Bottle!

We started by dyeing some rice blue and red.
We added white rice to ziplock bags with liquid food coloring (lots) 
and a few pumps of alcohol based hand sanitizer. 
For the colored Red and Blue Rice
we dyed some rice in two batches with red and blue liquid food coloring, separated into ziplock bags,
with a few pumps of alcohol-based hand sanitizer massaged in to cure the color. 
I had to use quite a bit of food coloring the get the colors so bright.
Then, we let it dry on a paper towel on a shallow dish.
(Helpful Hint: Gel food coloring will give you brighter colors)

For the "White" rice we just left the rice plain. 
The rice dries pretty quickly because of the Purelle. 
I would say dry in 10-15 minutes. 

When it was all dry, we mixed in white rice and put everything in a clean, empty water bottle
with various objects.
Red, White, and Blue Buttons, Beads, Pom-Poms, Coins, a Mini Flag, etc.

This post is part of the Smart Summer Challenge.

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