Wednesday, June 8, 2011

* Summer Fun To Do List!

We've got two weeks of school left here and it already feels like the middle of August!
The heat is incredible. 

Summer and what we're going to do for three months of it,
is about all we can think about around here, so....
we made a Summer Fun Wish List/To-Do List. 

We started with a big sheet of watercolor paper. 
Then, I sketched a big heart in Black Sharpie.

The girls and I brainstormed all of our summer plans,
hopes, and dreams, I did most of the writing but they added some words and drawings too!

We wrote everything with Sharpie brand permanent markers. 

Then, it was such a beautiful Saturday morning that we went out on the deck and I set up the girls with
my special watercolor brushes, a couple of water bowls, and a tray of watercolor paint.

The three of us, got to work "coloring" our wish list.
Painting al fresco,  barefoot in PJs, 
with a cup of morning coffee, and two cute little girls at your side is
 just. about. perfect.

We even had fun with some salt on the edges of our list
to create a fun effect. 

I wonder if I could convince the ice cream truck driver
to do pool-side delivery? 

We pinned our finished "list" up on the bulletin board

What's on your summer wish list?
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pink and green mama, MaryLea

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