Monday, June 27, 2011

* Life-Sized Body Map Kid's Art Project

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The girls and I kicked off Week 1 of our Me on the Map Summer Fun Challenge 
by making Life-Sized Body Maps today!

We started out by tracing ourselves on
big pieces of brown contractor's paper. 

Then, we traced over our pencil outlines 
with crayola marker. 
"C" chose Pink (of course)
and "E" chose black. 

We collected a stack of "E"s human body and anatomy books.
Then, we got to work making 
organs and bones. 

"C" drew the brain first, 
she knew where it goes and talked 
about Daddy's brain tumor...
for more info on that one, see the post on my sidebar
"A True Life Love Story"

Cutting out organs from construction paper

It was really neat watching "C"'s "A-Ha!" moments
as she figured out where her heart is, 
that her skeleton holds her up so she's not floppy,
where her intestines are,
 and that's where poop comes from! : )

White masking tape formed bones.
"C" was fascinated by the spine. 
We talked about back bones while we were visiting
the Natural History Museum in Washington DC 
on Saturday -- standing in the dinosaur room 
she was asking about their spines, 
so I bent over and had her feel all of the bumps on mine.
She remembered that today when we started making
the spine on her "body map"

We used bubble wrap for lungs since 
they're full of little air chambers/pockets.

Q-tips made really good finger bones
(but they're hard to cut so mom needed to do that,
didn't want to chop off any real fingers while 
making pretend fingers!)

Crepe paper streamers were used for the intestines.

Noodle teeth. 

"E" is still working on hers, she wanted to save it to finish with her friend
 that is coming over for a play date tomorrow morning.

Wonder what her friend's mom will think?! 

Pink and Green Mama

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