Tuesday, June 28, 2011

* Homemade Light Table Transparencies: Human Body Layers

My old artist's light table is a favorite playroom toy in our house. 
We play with seashells, glass stones, gems, and clear plastic blocks on it all the time. 

I was inspired by this week's Smart Summer Challenge: Me on the Map
to create some human body transparencies for the girls to play with on the light table. 

To make them, we got out our handy dandy roll of clear contact paper. 
Then, "E" helped me trace the layers of our  Belduc Little Girl Human Anatomy Puzzle
with a black, fine tip, Sharpie (permanent marker.)

You could also use a children's anatomy book, 
or free hand it if you're feeling brave and adventurous!

# 1. The little girl with clothes layer. 

#2. The naked girl with skin layer. 

As you can see, after we traced each layer with permanent marker on the non-sticky side, 
we peeled off the paper backing and carefully
"colored in" the pictures with bits of colored craft tissue paper. 

Then, I carefully sandwiched the tissue and sticky contact paper
with another piece of sticky clear contact paper and trimmed the uneven edges. 

Here's our little girl with clothes layer, "colored in" with tissue paper. 

Here are the 4 little girls on our light table. 

Little girl with clothes.
Naked little girl with skin.
Organs layer little girl.
Skeleton layer little girl. 

Layered girl on the light table. 

She's pretty cool and fun to play with!
For more Light Table Activity Ideas follow my Pinterest Page:

I think we'll make her some more "outfits" and a layered see-through cat 
(with cat anatomy layers) for my little cat lover in the house!

The light table play evolved into playing with our awesome 
Magnetic blocks...the girls built a really cool Rainbow Castle together. 

And...."E" made this awesome Snail stained glass with tissue and contact paper.
He's going up in her window. 

This post is part of the Smart Summer Challenge.

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