Thursday, June 30, 2011

* Kid's Science - Exploring Hand Bones Glove Project

(Pardon E's wicked Gnat bite over her right eye)

So we finished up our  Me on the Map week, talking about bones and 
how floppy we'd be without them!

I introduced the girls to an experiment
we used for "E"s Doctor-themed birthday party a few years ago.

I made two "hands" out of surgical gloves.
I filled one with flour.
That was our floppy, "boneless" hand. 

Then, I filled the other glove with flour
and popsicle stick "bones"

You could also use a rubber dish washing glove.

"C" feeling the "bones" inside the glove.

This is her face when I said they were real bones inside....
she said, "Really?!"  
Then mean mommy told her, no, just popsicle sticks. 

Squeezing bones.

Floppy, boneless hand. 
"C" decided it's good we have bones so we're not this squishy.

Checking to see if you can see the bones
on the light table. 

Be careful with your squeezing, 
we squeezed our bone hand a bit too hard
and got a small flour leak!

We also looked for finger  and toe bones with flashlights
(we shined them through our fingers and saw little veins!)

Here's our Q-tip hand from the beginning of the week
We're planning to dig out some old x-rays to look at 
on the light table this afternoon.

Happy Exploring!

Pink and Green Mama

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