Monday, June 13, 2011

* Homemade Gift: Eye Spy Book


"C" and I undertook a messy but fun little project
 a few months ago and I'm finally getting around
to sharing it with you today! 

We made our own, 
homemade Eye Spy Books!

One for our house and one for our sweet niece's 2nd birthday.

First, we laid out silk scarves in various colors
as "backgrounds" for our photos.

Then, "C" and I hunted around the playroom 
for various toys in each color and laid them out. 

(You can see that Elly the cat got in on the action too - 
she always has to be in the middle of whatever we're doing.) 

You could do this one color at a time, 
or even one color a day if you want to spread out the mess!
We did it all at once  - yes it was a bit chaotic
but it was also fun to see all the toys sorted by color
and then we just did a BIG clean up afterwards-
because all of our toys have their own "homes" it really wasn't that bad.

After it was all laid out, I took a photo of each pile.








(again, because you can never have too much pink!)


Then, we printed out an 8x10 photo of each picture,
and wrote a page of text to accompany it,
"I Spy With My Little Eye...."

The birthday girl loved her homemade book, 
and so do her cousins!

We want to make a "Nature Version" next!

pink and green mama

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