Thursday, June 30, 2011

* Kid's Science - Exploring Hand Bones Glove Project

(Pardon E's wicked Gnat bite over her right eye)

So we finished up our  Me on the Map week, talking about bones and 
how floppy we'd be without them!

I introduced the girls to an experiment
we used for "E"s Doctor-themed birthday party a few years ago.

I made two "hands" out of surgical gloves.
I filled one with flour.
That was our floppy, "boneless" hand. 

Then, I filled the other glove with flour
and popsicle stick "bones"

You could also use a rubber dish washing glove.

"C" feeling the "bones" inside the glove.

This is her face when I said they were real bones inside....
she said, "Really?!"  
Then mean mommy told her, no, just popsicle sticks. 

Squeezing bones.

Floppy, boneless hand. 
"C" decided it's good we have bones so we're not this squishy.

Checking to see if you can see the bones
on the light table. 

Be careful with your squeezing, 
we squeezed our bone hand a bit too hard
and got a small flour leak!

We also looked for finger  and toe bones with flashlights
(we shined them through our fingers and saw little veins!)

Here's our Q-tip hand from the beginning of the week
We're planning to dig out some old x-rays to look at 
on the light table this afternoon.

Happy Exploring!

Pink and Green Mama

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

* "All About Me" Personalized Eye Spy Rice Bottle

The girls and I love to make our own 
So, as one of our summer fun activities, we decided to make personalized 
All About Me Eye Spy rice bottles.

"C" loves pink and all things girly. 
So we made a little batch of 
pink and purple rice for her bottle. 

To make the colored rice, 
we mixed white rice with 
liquid food coloring and a few pumps 
of alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
in some zip-lock bags. 

To get nice strong colors, we used 
A LOT of food coloring!

We let it dry on a paper towel lined dish. 

We collected things that represent her personality....
lots of little kitty buttons and toys, 
tiny pink flowers, 
pink glittery beads and pink jewels,
a couple of tiny pink butterflies,
and her name in pink and purple letter beads
strung on a piece of pink cord. 

After everything's in the bottle,
add a dab of glue to the lid and twist on. 

I wish we had tiny photos of the girls to put inside
or mini shrinky-dink "portraits" of them!
How fun would that be?!

"E" went with a blue and green theme.
She had frogs, snails, 
turquoise and lime green buttons,
cool beads, and bug buttons in hers
since she's my nature girl. 

Pink and Green Mama

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

* Homemade Light Table Transparencies: Human Body Layers

My old artist's light table is a favorite playroom toy in our house. 
We play with seashells, glass stones, gems, and clear plastic blocks on it all the time. 

I was inspired by this week's Smart Summer Challenge: Me on the Map
to create some human body transparencies for the girls to play with on the light table. 

To make them, we got out our handy dandy roll of clear contact paper. 
Then, "E" helped me trace the layers of our  Belduc Little Girl Human Anatomy Puzzle
with a black, fine tip, Sharpie (permanent marker.)

You could also use a children's anatomy book, 
or free hand it if you're feeling brave and adventurous!

# 1. The little girl with clothes layer. 

#2. The naked girl with skin layer. 

As you can see, after we traced each layer with permanent marker on the non-sticky side, 
we peeled off the paper backing and carefully
"colored in" the pictures with bits of colored craft tissue paper. 

Then, I carefully sandwiched the tissue and sticky contact paper
with another piece of sticky clear contact paper and trimmed the uneven edges. 

Here's our little girl with clothes layer, "colored in" with tissue paper. 

Here are the 4 little girls on our light table. 

Little girl with clothes.
Naked little girl with skin.
Organs layer little girl.
Skeleton layer little girl. 

Layered girl on the light table. 

She's pretty cool and fun to play with!
For more Light Table Activity Ideas follow my Pinterest Page:

I think we'll make her some more "outfits" and a layered see-through cat 
(with cat anatomy layers) for my little cat lover in the house!

The light table play evolved into playing with our awesome 
Magnetic blocks...the girls built a really cool Rainbow Castle together. 

And...."E" made this awesome Snail stained glass with tissue and contact paper.
He's going up in her window. 

This post is part of the Smart Summer Challenge.

pink and green mama

Monday, June 27, 2011

* Life-Sized Body Map Kid's Art Project

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The girls and I kicked off Week 1 of our Me on the Map Summer Fun Challenge 
by making Life-Sized Body Maps today!

We started out by tracing ourselves on
big pieces of brown contractor's paper. 

Then, we traced over our pencil outlines 
with crayola marker. 
"C" chose Pink (of course)
and "E" chose black. 

We collected a stack of "E"s human body and anatomy books.
Then, we got to work making 
organs and bones. 

"C" drew the brain first, 
she knew where it goes and talked 
about Daddy's brain tumor...
for more info on that one, see the post on my sidebar
"A True Life Love Story"

Cutting out organs from construction paper

It was really neat watching "C"'s "A-Ha!" moments
as she figured out where her heart is, 
that her skeleton holds her up so she's not floppy,
where her intestines are,
 and that's where poop comes from! : )

White masking tape formed bones.
"C" was fascinated by the spine. 
We talked about back bones while we were visiting
the Natural History Museum in Washington DC 
on Saturday -- standing in the dinosaur room 
she was asking about their spines, 
so I bent over and had her feel all of the bumps on mine.
She remembered that today when we started making
the spine on her "body map"

We used bubble wrap for lungs since 
they're full of little air chambers/pockets.

Q-tips made really good finger bones
(but they're hard to cut so mom needed to do that,
didn't want to chop off any real fingers while 
making pretend fingers!)

Crepe paper streamers were used for the intestines.

Noodle teeth. 

"E" is still working on hers, she wanted to save it to finish with her friend
 that is coming over for a play date tomorrow morning.

Wonder what her friend's mom will think?! 

Pink and Green Mama

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Exploring MORE Great Artists Volume 2 eBook

My all time best selling set of lesson plans is Exploring Great Artists Volume 1,
by popular demand here is my latest ebook, 
Exploring MORE Great Artists Volume 2

Now you can learn Art History with your kids and create your own masterpieces in the style of great artists past and present  at home (or in your classroom!)

Included in this 79-page PDF formatted ebook are 13 complete (easy to follow) art lessons featuring the works of 10 More Great Artists for only $10.00.  Click HERE to Purchase.

Featuring all new art projects in the style of the following great artists:

Franz Marc
Wayne Thiebaud
Joan Miro
Edvard Munch
Frank Lloyd Wright
Jasper Johns
Andy Goldsworthy
Piet Mondrian
Claes Oldenberg

* An Art History Lesson and background information about each featured artist.
* Supply Lists
* Full-Color Photos of Actual Student Art Work
* Detailed Step-by-Step Photo Directions

These lessons can be done on a one-on-one basis with your own child, or in a large group/classroom setting with several children at once. 

These lessons are a wonderful way to supplement a home-schooling curriculum or to add some art history to your classroom!

This collection is a great sequel to my first Exploring Great Artists eBook.

You can do several lessons at once, like a camp experience; but I recommend spreading them out over a period of several days/weeks. Use this eBook curriculum in whatever way works best for your schedule. Many of the supplies for these projects will come from your own art and craft supply stash, and some will even come from your own back yard!

The PDF book is designed to be printed out (I recommend using card stock paper and assembling it in a binder) or you can read it directly from your own home or classroom computer screen. I do not recommend using your cell phone.

Packed with supply lists for each project, lesson plans, photos of each completed project, step-by-step instructions, photos of actual student artwork, and background information about each artist; this 79-page Art Lesson eBook is best suited for elementary aged children (ages 5-12) but can also be used with preschoolers (ages 3-4) with adult assistance - modifications are suggested for some lessons.

This $10 Art Lesson Collection includes: 
13 Complete Art Lessons featuring 10 Great Artists. 
 Everything you need to create your own Exploring Great Artists Unit at home or in your classroom.

ALL 13 Lessons are brand new Art History-based art lessons!
(never published on my blog)

These art lesson plans are copyrighted by MaryLea Harris (Pink and Green Mama LLC)
they are intended for personal or classroom use, not for re-sale or reproduction. 

Thank you!


Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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