Tuesday, May 24, 2011

* Toilet Paper Tube Craft: Target Practice!

The girls invited a neighborhood friend over for  an after-school play date this week. 
It was super hot outside so, after popsicles... 
we needed some water play!

I suggested that they make some "targets" 
for their water guns out of toilet paper tubes.

We got out our "water shooters" (Thank You dollar bin at Target),
buckets of water, and made targets
out of empty toilet paper tubes, 
colored masking tape
and Sharpie brand permanent markers!


The toilet paper tube targets worked like a charm. 
The girls made a score board chart (hello math!)  and kept track of their "HIT"s. 
I think they'd be fun to shoot with those Nerf foam guns too!

It was great hand-eye co-ordination practice and all three girls had a blast!

We'll be doing this a lot this summer!
pink and green mama

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