Friday, May 20, 2011

* Children's Backyard Fairy Garden

My girls love fairies and we have our share 
of Fairy Gardens and "lands" to play with.
I've gotten several emails lately 
asking for more details about our Fairy Gardens 
so I hope this post can answer some questions!

You'll need a container or a special secret corner 
of your yard/garden for your Fairy Garden.
If you're planning to plant one indoors, 
you can use a shallow dish/pan/flower pot. 
We've planted fairy gardens in our yard and indoors. 

Outdoor Fairy Gardens:

My dad built a fairy garden in 2009
in a large planter box on his deck for my girls. 
It is still going strong and a favorite play spot
at Grammy and Grandpa's house. 
I posted about it here if you want to go back and take a little tour! 

Our local plant nursery has a wonderful 
area devoted to fairy gardens, miniature plants, 
and tiny "steppable plants" 
Whenever we need to replace a tiny plant or tree,
we head over there for inspiration and supplies. 

We try to pay attention and pick plants 
that can handle the light and climate 
for wherever we're planting them. 

Tiny buildings, castles, and houses
can be found on line (search for Fairy Garden Supplies)
and in home decor discount stores like Home Goods or Marshalls. 
I also have had success finding cute bridges and mini pagodas
in the fish aisle at our local pet store. 

Rocks, pebbles, glass stones, and gravel 
work well for pathways, dry river beds, and add
interest to your garden. 

Mini benches can be found at Christmas time 
near those tiny seasonal villages. 
You can also make your own with twigs and glue. 

For the Fairy Container Garden pictured (above) 
and in my Backyard Makeover post
We used an outdoor wooden planter box
 (on locking wheels/casters)

My mom and dad planted it with the girls 
while my sweet hubby and I were on a trip last fall. 

They filled up the empty space in the bottom of the planter
with upside down (empty) plastic cat little buckets 
(with holes drilled for drainage)

Then, a piece of particle board was cut to size
to make a "floor" for the fairy garden box. 

They placed weed-block garden fabric
on top of the particle board base and filled it with potting soil mix. 

Smooth it all out then start to plant!

Thanks Grandpa! That was really fun : )

They still play in it daily with their tiny plastic 
Schleich Fairies and Animals.

We've also just painted little houses from the craft store
and set up mini-fairy lands in our backyard garden
with stone walkways and tiny washing lines. 

Indoor Fairy Gardens
We've also made our share of indoor fairy gardens...

Fairy Garden Bowls
As end of the year teacher gifts

Indoor Cat Fairy Garden
As mini-cat grass gardens (here's the post!)

Homemade Fabric Tree Stump House

Happy Fairy Land Making!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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