Monday, March 21, 2011

* DIY Spring Peg Dolls

I've recently been bitten by the peg-doll-making bug!
Please stop me, it's getting out of control. 

It started innocently enough when I agreed to 
do a peg doll exchange...

then, it was too fun drinking my morning coffee
and painting with my (Awesome!) Yarka watercolors.  

Then, I started adding little felt flower hats
and acorn tops with some Aleene's craft glue.

Then, the girls took over.

Little flower fairy friends started to appear all over the house. 

On playroom windowsills. 

On my grandmother's loom in the art studio.

In the art studio. 

Then, one appeared in the mailbox!
This one came from We Bloom Here blog.

She has a FANTASTIC Peg Doll Tutorial HERE!

Look how sweet she is! 
Like a little snowdrop. 

You can see the other little peg dolls from the swap gallery here.

And a few of ours, jumped in the mail too,
one to California and one to Southern Australia!

Happy Peg Doll Making!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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