Saturday, March 19, 2011

* Sensory Box: Zoo Box

"C" suggested that we make a Zoo Box a few weeks ago 
and I thought it was a great idea. 
I'm always up for a new sensory box.

We Re-Cycled our dry Black-Eyed Peas box
(it was our Halloween Sensory box this fall) and added some Zoo Animals.

We rounded up some play fences from our Play Mobil farm and some fences
 from our various "lands"

I liked the way she built extra"cages" for animals outside of the box.
That's the Meercat habitat -- just like the prairie dogs at our zoo!

It was a great sorting activity for her to find and gather the animals
 and their families for the zoo.
(Farm animals, Ocean animals, Zoo animals)

We had to have a Giraffe family
(her favorite animal since she was a baby, other than kitty cats!)

As well as some Lions and Tigers
(oh my!)

A Zebra Family. 
See the monkey in our felt toilet paper tube tree?

A Panda family.

A lovely afternoon in the playroom sunshine.
Our doll house family took a field trip and had a lovely visit at the zoo. 

Happy Playing!

pink and green mama

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