Thursday, March 31, 2011

* ReCycle Craft: Cardboard Box Puppet Theatre

"C" and I made this puppet theatre out of a box
recently. The perfect place to act out little plays
with our finger puppets!

Here's our basic set up, just a simple hole I cut in the box lid
for the stage opening. 
It would be less floppy if I glued the boxes together in this "L" shape
but we kept it separate so it's easier to clean up and put away. 

For the rainbow design, we just glued little 
scrapbook paper squares 
around the edges of the box. 

 For the curtain, I just strung some yarn between two buttons
(small holes poked in the side of the box with an x-acto knife)
The curtain is just some fabric with a simple pocket sewn for the yarn to run through.

To add some pizzazz to the theatre,
I made this little dry-erase board topper 
so she can write the title of the play. 

It's just a scrap of white cardboard, 
cut into a semi-circle with 
clear contact paper stuck to it, 
glued to the front of the theatre (with glue gun)

We can use dry-erase markers to write 
the name of the play on top. 

Then it just wipes off when we're done!
A good way to practice our letters. 

Time for the Ballerina show!

Time for The Three Little Pigs!
Remember these toilet paper tube finger puppets we made?

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!

The top can lay back down in the bottom of the box
so we can slide it on a bookshelf when it's time to clean up.

View from Backstage.

 Then we were on to the 
Three Little Kittens Who Lost their Mittens!

Happy Playing!

pink and green mama

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