Tuesday, February 8, 2011

* Recycled Craft: Valentine Heart Boxes From Cereal Boxes

Our after school craft today... Family Valentine Boxes 
to hang on our bedroom doors, made from re-cycled cereal boxes!

My mom actually found this craft idea in a book called, Crafts for All Seasons
We decided it would be fun to make a couple of heart-shaped mail boxes for our family valentines. 

Start with a cereal or cracker box (we even used a microwave popcorn box for one)
and an adult should cut it so that one bottom corner
(along the bottom edge of the box = one side the same length)
forms the point of a heart. 

Then cut two bumps to be the top of the heart. 

This is hard to explain with words so just check out my photos and it should make sense!!

Cover your box with paper --
we used construction paper and Elmer's School Glue but you could also use gift wrap!

Let the kiddos decorate and customize their boxes...
Think: doilies, felt hearts, paper scraps,
stickers, bits of ribbon/lace, bubble wrap, foil, 

We cut out paint chip samples for one of the boxes with a heart-shaped punch. 

We also used paper flowers 
that I picked up a while ago
(with great intentions of using them to make presents pretty!). 

Add a colorful ribbon handle and hang on a bedroom door knob
or on the back of a chair at the kitchen table.

Time to add some love notes, chocolates,
and valentine cards, or drawings and have fun!

Happy Valentine Crafting!

pink and green mama

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