Friday, February 18, 2011

* DIY Barbie Cardboard Box House

Kid's love to create and play with cardboard boxes...(or at least mine do!)
Shoe boxes, paper boxes, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, we find uses for all of them. 
Such a fun and open-ended art medium!

We recently expanded our "Barbie Land" in the guest bedroom.
We recycled some copy paper boxes from 
daddy's office to make some new "buildings" 

We added: a Dentist Officea Nursery/Day Care Center,
 and a Bathroom to go with our School we built last year. 

We printed out dental charts, a mini dentist license, and some little posters to decorate our office.

Then, "C" wanted a "baby room"to take care of our littlest Barbies so we made a nursery with 
printed windows, murals, a birth certificate, rugs, and mini hand/footprint plates. 

The bathroom was fun too, we made a "tile" floor with 
some of those little scrapbook paper squares. 

We also brought over my old Barbie Dream House (yes, I AM a child of the 70s)
and the girls love it. It even has a McDonalds next door. 

They also took over one of my bookshelves
for a Hospital, looks like I need to find one more box!

Happy Playing! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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