Friday, February 25, 2011

* Homemade Gift: Hand-tied Fleece Blanket

"E" wanted to make a special gift
for her little sister's 4th birthday this week. 

("C" was so little then!)

 When we saw some tie-your-own fleece blanket kits at 
our local Walmart.... 
(I've seen them at JoAnne's too)
we knew it would
be the perfect surprise to make for "C." 

The perfect Homemade Gift (sort-of).
With a Kitty Cat!

"E" did a great job hand-tying the whole blanket
with double knotted fringe sides. 

Elly Cat "helped" too - by lying on it and 
refusing to move while we were working --- booger. 
Good thing she's cute.

Mama did the cutting,
"E" did the tying. 

We got the whole thing made 
in about 45 minutes. 

The end result was an adorable pink
fleece kitty blanket that "C" LOVES! 

She's slept with it every night
since she opened it 
and drags it downstairs to sit on 
while we play.

This was a great sibling gift project
for our household. You could do the same thing
with a kit or just two pieces of fleece 
from the fabric store. 

An easy (and useful!) homemade gift 
for kids to make for 
siblings, grandparents, neighbors
or to donate to:
 your local nursing home, hospice, animal shelter, 
or children's hospital.

Now "C" and I might have to get 
some fleece and make one 
for her big sister's birthday next month!

pink and green mama

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