Friday, January 14, 2011

* Winter Rice Sensory Box

With temperatures in the teens and twenties  for the past several weeks,
we've been spending LOTS of time indoors. 

Last week, I dumped the frozen ice blocks out of our
water play table that was sitting sadly on our deck. 

I used some Method LeScrub and an old towel
to spiff it up and clean up all of the dirt and mud stains.

Then, I poured the contents of our 
Winter Wonderland box into the dry "water" table
and it's been 9 solid days of afternoon entertainment.

Even big sister and her friend joined in this week. 
Posts about our Winter Box can be found here and here. 

It's also been a great way to practice our sweeping and dust pan skills.  
You can't have rice avalanches without a little spillage!
Yes, I know that polar bears and penguins don't live together - we're not that picky around here.

 I've also set up our light table in the playroom
for some more fun play!
(It's just my old light box on one of the girls' Ikea Play tables)

You can make your own Light Table with an acrylic box-style frame,
a piece of white paper, and some low-temperature LED lights 
(like xmas lights, a flash light, or battery operated tea lights)

 Snowflakes and Snowmen made out of shapes!

The blocks you see on our table were a Christmas gift from our favorite Aunt Darb....
You can get your own

Happy Winter!

pink and green mama

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