Sunday, January 23, 2011

* Valentine Button Heart Sign Craft

This is a fun little project my oldest "E" whipped up 
and I realized it would be a perfect Valentine's Day
Decoration for your house, front door, or classroom!

I know that the word "craft"can connote a certain association
with "do it this way and everyone's project  will look the same"...
This little heart craft can be done, (and I encourage it to be done) 
any way your child, the artist, wants.

Don't want to make a heart?  Make a different shape. How about a Star?
Don't want to do "Valentine" colors? How about a Rainbow Spectrum
or  Warm colors and Cool colors on two halves, or Your child's favorite color!

She started with a simple wooden heart from the craft store
but I think you could make this just as easily from a piece of cardboard box
(or cut a piece from a cereal box).

Add a piece of yarn (or ribbon) to your heart (or shape of your choice)
so you can hang it up! 

Paint it pink  (or red, or white,  lavender...or Rainbow!)

Then, crack out some craft glue (we like Elmer's school glue)
and add some buttons! 

Happy "Crafting"!

pink and green mama,

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