Wednesday, January 5, 2011

* Getting Organized: Doll Clothes

We have an embarrassing amount of doll clothes around here.
We have American Girl Doll-sized and Baby Doll outfits
from various places, including several  beautifully handmade outfits 
sewn by my very talented Grandmother. 

But they were out of control, tangled and jumbled in heaps in two bins in the 
bottom of cabinets in both of my daughter's rooms. 

It isn't much fun to play when you can't find 
what you have (and you don't know what you have)

(Kind of like getting dressed in the morning
with a closet full of wrong season/wrong size/wrong style clothes...
Not that I would know anything about that!)

So, part of our "Housewide-January-Get-er-Organized Project"
involved tackling the doll clothes situation. 

Step one:
Lay out all of the various outfits, accessories, and components
on your daughter's bed then take a photo to publicly shame yourself 
and realize you should never buy your daughter another doll outfit ever again. 

Step Two:
Gather up some Colored Scrapbook Paper (from a discount/sale pack)
trimmed down on my handy-dandy paper cutter to fit inside
1 Gallon Zip Lock Bags.

Step Three:
Enlist your daughter to help you
insert outfits (with accessories like shoes, barettes, purses) in each bag. 
Two outfits per bag/one for each side of the colored paper divider.

Step Four:
Stack the Outfits (upright) in a storage bin you already have lying around your house! 
Like a filing cabinet for Doll Clothes.
(If you're like me, you have lots of various baskets and bins stashed in closets and the garage, 
purchased with wonderful intentions of finally getting organized!)

Step Five:
Create Designated areas for 
Dolls, Accesories, and the Gigantic Doll Wheel Chair 
in a cabinet
with a shelf for the clothing baskets. 

 Enjoy the satisfaction of an organization job well done
with your daughter!

Ahh.... that's better.

Now, wait till you see what we did with our Barbie Doll clothes!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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