Saturday, December 11, 2010

* Homemade Christmas: Felt Food Cookie Jar for Pretend Play

My sweet little niece is getting her
first play kitchen this Christmas. 

Aunt MaryLea is hooking her up with some
homemade felt food. 

I found this cute little plastic jar at the Dollar Tree
and thought it would make a perfect little cookie jar.

I made little felt cookies to go inside her jar.
Perfect for little tea parties and very low calorie!

I traced little felt circles and stitched them
together by hand with some embroidery thread and a bit of fluff, stuffing inside.

For the OREO cookies I just stacked up three white felt
circles inside two chocolate brown circles and stitched 
through all of the layers with dark brown floss.

I'm also making some fruit (strawberries and watermelon)
and veggies (peas, tomatoes, broccoli).

We'll see what else I come up with before Christmas,
it has been a fun little sewing project during evening
TV time....of course I'm making doubles of everything
because my own girls ask for everything they see me making for their cousin! 

Happy Homemade Gift-Making!

pink and green mama

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