Friday, November 5, 2010

* What I've Been Up To -- Costumes, Silent Auction Projects, and Homemade Christmas.

If you've noticed a lack of craft projects on my blog lately,
it's because I've been up to my  eyeballs in painted furniture and  other sundry sewing projects.

Allow me to backtrack  and explain...

My youngest daughter's preschool holds an annual silent auction to raise money for 
preschool enrichment and  need-based scholarships.

Guess who got roped into
making the "class projects" 
to donate to the auction this year? 

I really should just learn how to  not open email or answer the phone
when the school calls  (but what if it's an emergency?) 
and in my defense,  they bamboozled me by getting me 
on this "committee" of one back in June!

My art studio has looked more like a furniture painting studio the past few weeks. 

I've been in the preschool classrooms
collecting little finger prints
for the past two weeks 
and converted them into 
little Frogs in Space,
Hungry Caterpillars,
Woodland Creatures,
Deep Sea Creatures, etc. 

Throw in some  Halloween Costume Making 4 of them...
Yes, I only have 2 children  but the little one ("C") wanted 2 different costumes
1 warm one for Trick-Or-Treating

and a fluffy one for the school costume parade.

"E" didn't like the first costume I made -- it was "too generic" 
(mind you, it was the one SHE designed -- ahem)
so I had to re-make hers with her re-design adjustments. 

Throw in some  late-night felt food-making for my niece
(She's getting her first play kitchen this Christmas --
Aunt MaryLea HAS to hook her up with cute little felt goodies!)

Thank goodness things are starting  to calm down around here
so I can spend my time  celebrating my birthday,
preparing for Thanksgiving family visits, making more Christmas gifts.

Maybe we'll fit some crafts in November too!

pink and green mama

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