Monday, November 8, 2010

* Displaying Children's Art Work - Corkboard Gallery At Home

about the family art gallery she made in her hallway
with picture frames and cork-board to create a rotating art gallery. 

It's beautiful... BUT, It was  not as simple  as it seemed.

I already had the stash of black frames in my art studio
so I just had to go on the hunt for a roll of cork-board cork  (I found mine at Michaels Craft Store)

What she did not say in her post, or maybe she used thicker cork ,
was what a Pain-In-THE-Tush the cork is to work with!! Arrrgh!!
The cork was so thin that it ripped if I looked at it the wrong way.
It wasn't thick enough to stick push pins in so I had to replace/add a piece of 
foam core to the back of every frame to make it thick enough to stick a  push-pin into it. 

I also had to use spray adhesive
to stick all of the cork down since it ripples (she used Mod-Podge). 

The finished gallery turned out great but  it was a bit more work  than I thought it would be...
and, for the record, 3M Adhesive hooks don't work, at least not on our walls.
We had three pictures fall/clatter down onto the  hardwood floor in the middle of the night -
scared me to death. 

Our finished art gallery next to the kitchen table!

A perfect place to display all of our doodles, preschool projects, and artistic masterpieces. 

"E"s beautiful still life painting--
Just had to show it off too!

pink and green mama,

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