Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preschool At Home: Fall Fun With An Apple Theme

"C" (age 3.5) attends a little neighborhood preschool program a few mornings a week but we "after school" on her days off and afternoons before  big sister gets home from school. 

This month, we've been focusing on some fun fall-themed activities I've collected, printed, and made  from ideas around the web. 

First up, we've been practicing her  letter recognition with these  great apple activities I got from  2 Teaching Mommies Alphabet Apple Printables 

Instead of matching the two halves, I left them in one piece (punched out with my big circle cutter punch) and we're using clothespins with Uppercase and Lowercase  letters written on them in Sharpie

Got the idea for the alphabet clothespins from my fabulous bloggy friend, Teach Mama.

The alphabet clothespins are written in a color pattern as well so when they're lined up in order they're making a pattern.  (Red, Orange, Green, Blue) Next month, we'll use them with our Foam Fall Alphabet Leaves I made last year. 

We're working on counting and improving her hand eye coordination by placing little paper apples on this Apple Counting Tree Template I printed from 2 Teaching Mommies
I printed out this Apple Identification Chart and used a small scrapbook circle punch to cut them out. We might try using red, yellow, and green pony beads as counters too!

These Printable Counting Cards from 2 Teaching Mommies are fantastic.
We've been sorting and counting beads, cheerios, and acorns in my muffin tin! 

I love them because we can use them all year and I'll re-use them to practice our numbers with our silk fall leaves next month.

I always try to pull books from the girls' shelves that have a theme and put them in a basket in the family room. This month, I put out two baskets. "E" reads to "C" while I'm cooking dinner. One filled with Fall and Back To School Books. 

The other basket is full of  our extensive Halloween Book collection! Curious kitty is not a included. Hi Elly!

We've also been enjoying our homemade Apple Play-dough with some fall shaped cookie cutters

Our Fall Sensory Box with Allspice and ground Cinnamon added bonus your hands will smell like Applebutter when you're done playing! Man that's a blurry photo --- sorry!

We made this Apple-themed Sensory Box too!

Happy Fall!
(Happy Spring to our Aussie friends) 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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