Friday, October 15, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Exploration Light Table

I have been wanting to do this for the girls fo quite some time 
but finally got my act together yesterday afternoon. 
"C" and I set up a light table, discovery center in our playroom!

I put my light box on our little Ikea table  in the corner of the playroom, 
with a basket of interesting, colorful, and transparent objects in it. 

I put a basket with Sea Shells,  Polished Rock Slices  (from my Grandpa's collection),
Glass Beads/ Stones  (like the ones from craft stores/Dollar Tree),
Transparent Colored Blocks,
Leaves, Resin Specimen Bug Blocks, and this little  Colored Water and Oil Game

The Polly Pockets had to check it out too. 

Our colored blocks look really cool with rocks, shells,  
and occasional Polly Pocket dolls  under them! 

Our plexi-glass bug specimen blocks are really fun on the table too! 
"C" (age 3) spent 2 HOURS playing at the table yesterday....Can you believe it? 

Happy Exploring!

If you don't have a light box at home (or in your classroom)
I've seen people make their own with  plexi-glass and a box, or a glass top table --
add white velum/paper to it and make sure your light source won't get hot
(use something like LED xmas lights) you don't want to burn your kids or start a fire! 

Go check out Filth Wizardry's Blog here for transparent art activities
and here for fun with sand on their great homemade Light Table

If you want a set of 20 Colorful See-Through blocks 
like ours... I got them from Oriental Trading Company here.

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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