Wednesday, October 13, 2010

* Homemade Felt Pumpkin Game

The girls and I decided it would be  fun to make our own Halloween Game.

One that could be played by all of the members of our household.
(even the ones who can't read like "C"  and the cats and using materials we had in the house)

We started with two sheets of stiff black feltas the "gameboards."
Then, we cut out  orange felt pumpkins (with regular Eco-fi Felt)
Then, we cut out an assortment of eye,  nose, and mouth shapes from black felt. 

Then, I made a  dice out of a wooden block with symbols for:

Add 1 eye.
 Add a nose.
Add a mouth.
Take off a piece. (a blank pumpkin)

UPDATE: We changed the Take Off a Piece to Add a LEAF.
The put one back was causing too much duress during play!

If you roll a piece you've already used,
for example you already have 4 eyes (2 on each pumpkin) miss a turn and let the other person roll. 

Who is going to get both of their pumpkins finished first?
Happy (felt) Pumpkin Making!

P.S. Mamas should definitely be drinking
a pumpkin latte while playing this game!

pink and green mama

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