Wednesday, October 6, 2010

* Handmade Harry Potter-Style Quidditch Brooms

Our family partook in one of our  FAVORITE October rituals
this past weekend with a  visit to the town of  Waterford's Craft Fair.
Kettle Corn, Apple Butter, Caramel Apples,  Candle Dipping, and this year....
Broom Making!

My two little  Harry Potter-obsessed girls each got their own custom-made
before our very eyes, heirloom quality (and for a FANTASTIC price) brooms.

One of the vendors ths year,  Marlow, from Friendswood Brooms 
(go check out their site and look at their gallery of gorgeous brooms!)
from Leicester, North Carolina was more than happy to help the girls select broom handles and straw,
then sat down with his antique foot wheel and made our brooms before our very eyes. 
The girls (and their mama and papa) were in hand-made heaven!

"C" picked all hand-dyed blacky-blue bristles for her broom.
"E" chose to mix the black-blue with the natural straw.
The handles are made from branches collected  along the banks of the French Brood River
in Asheville, North Carolina.

"C"'s is Hawthorn wood and "E"'s is Beech wood.
Both are lovely. 
Mama is saving up for her own cobweb or sweeping broom next year! 

We even got to make our own  tiny brooms for our Barbie dolls.
The coolest part... is that Marlow's birthday is October 31st
(Halloween) how very fitting for a  gifted maker of magical brooms!

pink and green mama

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