Friday, October 8, 2010

* Halloween Sensory Box

The girls have been having lots of fun playing in our latest Halloween Sensory Box. 

We filled it with dried Black-Eyed Peas...
They have a creepy crawly kinds of somebody's watching you quality about them.

It would also be cool with  black and orange rice
or dried black beans (like we used in our Halloween Eye-Spy Bottle!)

The foam fence, tombstones, and ghosts were left over from a Halloween Kit
that we stole a Spooky foam tree out of  for our homemade Wizard of Oz play set.

The spiders, spider rings, and mini skeletons came from Dollar Tree.
The little pumpkin house was made
by my dad last year for the girls and their Fairy village. 

The rubber rat, orange glass "gems" and centipedes were from our playroom stash. 

I tossed in a couple of mini plastic pumpkins
and some pumpkin scoops
for scooping and pouring.

Our polly pockets have been having fun riding mini witch brooms
around the tiny spooky halloween town!

Happy Haunting!
pink and green mama

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