Saturday, October 23, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Fridge Skeleton and Learning About the Human Body

Three-year-old "C" and I got down  with our crafty selves this week and made these two new 
Skeleton Friends for our kitchen refrigerator. 

I printed the Skelly Template out from
Then ran it through my  little 3M Laminator. 

Then I carefully cut out each piece and we cut up some old restaurant magnets
and used clear packing tape to attach a piece of magnet to the back of each piece. 
"C" and "E" have really enjoyed playing with their skeletons all week. 

I always like to incorporate  skeletons and lessons about our  bones/bodies at Halloween
a perfect time to tie it in with all of the festive decorations around the neighborhood. 

If you want a cute skeleton printable check out this adorable little guy from Sewing Stars

We will also be CREATING some Martha Stewart Noodle Skeletons

PLAYING with our Life-Size Skeleton Puzzle from Learning Resources
(purchased for "E"s Doctor-Themed Birthday Party)

and our AWESOME  Hape Belduc Body Puzzle
I got for the girls at the Discovery Science Center this Summer. 

We will be EXPLORING Animal and Human X-Rays on our Light Table

Happy October!

pink and green mama,

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