Wednesday, October 27, 2010

* Fall Nature Table with a Halloween Twist!

"C" has been spending a lot of time rearranging and playing with the  fall "nature" table lately. 

Note: Nature is in quotations because we seem to add a lot of toys
and plastic -- eek! to our "Nature" table!!
Oh well, the point of the table is for it  to belong to the girls, not me, 
and for them to make it their own.

Even though our table is inspired by the  Waldorf tradition of a seasonal nature table 
(or corner) we do what works for our family.

That means we have a combination of natural, homemade, 
and man-made (even plastic!)  goodies on our table. 
We seem to have a HalloweenPumpkinAcorn,  LeavesSquirrel theme going on!

"C" also loves our tiny Haunted House on our front table. 
I love listening to the little voices she gives the "characters" 
When I bought that tiny house (years ago)  I had hoped, but really had no idea,
that my kids would enjoy playing with it and create fond fall memories!

Do you have any favorite fall decorations that have turned into a tradition for your family?

Happy Fall!
pink and green mama

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