Wednesday, September 29, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Toddler Cleaning Set

"C" (age 3) always wants to help when I'm cleaning house so
 I just hand her a rag or a duster  to keep her out of the way but... she's on to me.
"C" knows it's not the same thing as the "real stuff" mommy is using. 
Cue Family Fun Magazine to the rescue!

I totally forgot I had this little set up going for her big sister years ago until I saw 
the toddler cleaning set article in this month's issue of Family Fun Magazine!

I got out our old child-sized caddy and added:

* a small Lint Roller
* a Spray Bottle with Water (on fine mist setting) and a couple of drops of essential lavender oil
*Some Rags (one cotton, one micro fiber)
* A small Dust Pan and child-sized Sweeper
* Sponge

And my new favorite (thank you Family Fun for the genius idea!!)

Our "Dust Bunny" made from one of daddy's old 
partner-less gym socks and some sharpie marker embellishment!

Hey now, this isn't too shabby... maybe my hardwood will get clean after all! 

Happy Cleaning!

pink and green mama

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