Thursday, September 9, 2010

* Marbling Paper With Shaving Cream and Liquid Watercolor

I used to love doing this project with my art students
when I was an elementary art teacher.
We would marbleize paper as 
part of our 4th grade unit on 
Colonial life America. 

Of course, they didn't 
marbleize paper 
with shaving cream back then
but this is a fun and easy way to do it
with kids of all ages!

First, I divided all of my students
into teams of two.
(these photos were taken during
Mom Would Never Let Me Camp)

Each team of kids got one aluminum tray
to fill with Dollar Store Shaving Cream
(about an inch thick)

Spread it out with a 
scrap of cardboard
so it's smooth -- 
like frosting a cake!

Drip some 
liquid watercolor
(or food coloring) on top 

Swizzle through the shaving cream
with bamboo skewers
or a stick to swirl the paint 
and create a marbling effect.

Press down a 
sheet of paper lightly on top
(we used Cardstock)
then, wipe off the excess shaving cream
with another scrap of cardboard
(like a squeegee)

Start over and...
Have fun!

Happy Marbleizing!

pink and green mama

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