Monday, September 6, 2010

Jackson Pollock- Inspired Splatter Painting Outdoors

We tried our hand at Outdoor Expressionism during "Mom Would Never Let Me Camp" (link to ebook so you can have your own messy fun!) in August with a Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter painting project.

I rounded up a collection of water bottles and empty containers  from the recycling
and drilled a few holes in the lids to make (disposable and recyclable) homemade squirt bottles.

I filled the bottles with watery, tempera paint 
 Parent NOTE: (with a dash of liquid soap added to ease with kid clean-up)

I also brought out our  collection of old tooth brushes perfect for flicking and spraying paint!

It's all in the wrist!

Yes, that's an old hair-coloring bottle, they're great to save for art projects and water table exploration (after you've washed them thoroughly of course!)

Happy Splatter Making!


Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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