Monday, September 13, 2010

* Found Object Printmaking With Kids

I love printmaking.

I was a printmaker in college and love to experiment
with different printmaking techniques. 
Found object printmaking (printmaking with household items)
is a perfect first printmaking lesson with children. 

Collect stuff to print with:
(think plastic animals,
cars and trucks, balls)
toilet paper tubes,
bottle tops,
golf balls,
misc. recycling,
corrugated cardboard,
hair combs,
tooth brushes,
popsicle sticks,
empty thread spools,
washers and bolts,

(I raided our "Inventions Box")

Set up some shallow trays of paint.
Get some paper.

Start dipping and stamping, rolling, dragging, and experimenting!

The great thing about  this kind of project is that you can do it anywhere
if you have washable paint, paper,  and some random stuff!

We were outside in the driveway because it was a day of mess-making at Mom Would Never camp!

Group hand-washing stations were a must.
Happy Printmaking! 

pink and green mama,

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