Wednesday, September 29, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Toddler Cleaning Set

"C" (age 3) always wants to help when I'm cleaning house so
 I just hand her a rag or a duster  to keep her out of the way but... she's on to me.
"C" knows it's not the same thing as the "real stuff" mommy is using. 
Cue Family Fun Magazine to the rescue!

I totally forgot I had this little set up going for her big sister years ago until I saw 
the toddler cleaning set article in this month's issue of Family Fun Magazine!

I got out our old child-sized caddy and added:

* a small Lint Roller
* a Spray Bottle with Water (on fine mist setting) and a couple of drops of essential lavender oil
*Some Rags (one cotton, one micro fiber)
* A small Dust Pan and child-sized Sweeper
* Sponge

And my new favorite (thank you Family Fun for the genius idea!!)

Our "Dust Bunny" made from one of daddy's old 
partner-less gym socks and some sharpie marker embellishment!

Hey now, this isn't too shabby... maybe my hardwood will get clean after all! 

Happy Cleaning!

pink and green mama

Friday, September 24, 2010

* EASY Kid Craft: Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

The girls and I loved these pipe cleaner flower fairies
when we saw them in Family Fun Magazine

I completely forgot about them until "C" and I were
playing in her new Autumn sensory box and we decided we needed some
fall fairy friends to live in it. (I'll post her box soon!)

I told her we could use some of the fall silk leaves to make fairy skirts.
(I think another bloggy friend made these or something similar recently but I can't remember who!)

This was our first little fall fairy.
I wasn't too happy with her face but we couldn't take it off
once we'd made the whole fairy.  (sorry, she's a bit out of focus)

This was our second fall fairy and I thought her face  was creepy! 
The sharpie marker bled on the grain of the wood and made
her eyelashes dark and gave her eyes a sinister quality... maybe she's the fall witch!

 Third attempt....
Then, we had to make a Rapunzel Fairy with LOTS of long hair!

Fourth Fairy... Mommy made a little  Yellow and Blue Daffodil Fairy... that's more like it. 

 Here's the Crazy Artist Fairy with Rainbow Hair! 

Big sister "E" got home from school and got right to work making fairies with us. 
I love this blue one she made (the one on the right)
and she made the sweet pink one for her little sister "C"

  "C" loved her pink fairy
with Pink Rainbow Hair!!

So here's how to make your own...
(if we can do it so can you!)

These would be a great  birthday party activity,
scouts craft, rainy day/sick day activity....

1. Start with one pipe cleaner bent in half for the main body and legs.

2. Then, HALF of a pipe cleaner to be the arms.
You can use one color of pipe cleaner or mix and match.

3. You'll need some yarn for the hair (or embroidery floss).

4. Wooden bead for the head.

5. Three more little beads (pony bead or wooden)
2 will be the "shirt" 1 will be the "undies".

6. Silk flower petals for the skirt. (from a disassembled flower)
or silk leaves  (just cut a small slit in the center)

7. Sharpies to add face details (be careful with the wood grain!)

Bend the big pipe cleaner over the yarn hair and give it one small twist/pinch.

Thread on the bigger wooden bead as the head
(so the hair is coming out like a big crazy yarn sprout!)
Twist the "half" pipe cleaner around the body to make some arms.

Now, bend the "arms" in toward the body and twist so the hands are two little hoops.

Slide on the two "shirt" beads. 

Now, thread on the "skirt" flower petals, add one more pony bead as "undies"
Finally, bend the two legs back up toward the body 
and twist to create little "hoop" feet (like the hands)
Draw on a little face with sharpies and you're ready to play! 

Happy Fairy Friend Making!

pink and green mama

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Halloween Fun eBook

Halloween is just around the corner so it's time to get crafty and have some Halloween fun with my Halloween Fun PDF Lesson Plan EBook. Now you can create your own spooky masterpieces at home or in your classroom.  

On sale for only $5, Click HERE to Purchase

11  Complete Art Lessons and Activities are in this 57 page PDF. 
It includes: Complete supply lists, full-color photos of actual student projects, detailed step-by-step photo directions, and printable full-size templates. 

This packet includes my two  previous Halloween e-books, Halloween Stained Glass Templates and Spider Web (paper plate) Weaving as a bonus!

I've also discounted it down from $10 to $5 because... Papyrus font (!!).... I know, I'm sorry. I'm slowly updating a bunch of old posts on my blog but 10-15 years of updating takes time. Enjoy the discount, the crafts are still super fun!

Halloween Stained Glass packet with 8 full-size templates and... 

Halloween Spider Web Weaving Packet with step-by-step full color instructions.

These art lessons and activities can be done on a one-on-one basis with your own child or in a large group/classroom setting with several children. Great for class Halloween Parties, Scouts, and Sunday School too! 

I've lead small groups of 3-4 year olds through all of these lessons (with assistance from their parents) as well as groups of 5-10 year olds in my art classroom and art camp classes. 

You can do several lessons at once, like a camp experience; but I recommend spreading them out over several days/weeks during the month of October  to build up the excitement to Halloween!

Use this e-book curriculum in whatever way works best for your schedule. 

Many of the supplies for these projects will come from your own art and craft stash, your kitchen, or recycling bin. The PDF e-book is designed to be printed out (I recommend using card stock paper and assembling it in a binder but be warned, it will use up a lot of ink and paper!) or you can read it directly from  your own home or classroom computer screen. I do not recommend reading it off of your phone unless your eye sight is better than mine!

This 57-page Halloween Arts and Crafts Lesson e-Book is best suited for elementary aged children (ages 5-11) but can also be used with preschoolers (ages 3-4).

This Halloween Crafts e-Book includes: 11 complete Art Lessons and Activities
featuring 2 of my previous Halloween e-books, 3 of my most popular Halloween Craft lessons, and 6 brand new (never published on my blog) Halloween Crafts and Activities.

These lesson plans are copyrighted by MaryLea Harris (Pink and Green Mama LLC)
they are intended for personal or classroom use, not for re-sale or reproduction. Thank you!

Boo! Happy Crafting!! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

Monday, September 20, 2010

* One of Our New Favorite Toys! Contina Bamboo Blocks

When we were in Texas, visiting the grandparents this summer we visited one of our 
favorite children's museums (The Discovery Center in Amarillo, TX)

They have a fabulous gift shop, and your purchases help raise money for the museum
so I had to pick up a few goodies for the girls to help out, right?!

We got these Bamboo Rainbow blocks (from Contina)
and they've been great fun this summer....

Love this building  "E" (age 7) built...
My little modern architect.

watch out for raining blocks.

Happy Building (and destroying!)

pink and green mama

Friday, September 17, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Pumpkin Play Dough

We had so much fun with our Apple Play-doh
that we also decided to make a batch of Orange Pumpkin Play-doh!

We just added All Spice and Nutmeg to our Orange Kool-Aid Play-doh Recipe
since I didn't have Pumpkin Pie Spice on hand.

The fun part was seeing how much it looked like 
Pumpkin pie mix when we were stirring up the batch! 

We got out our mini pie pans and muffin tins
from our play kitchen set and spent the afternoon 
"baking" play-doh pumpkin pies and muffins!

Now we might need to get out a can of pumpkin and make the real thing : )
Such a fun and easy fall activity for my favorite three-and-a-half-year-old.

Happy Pumpkin Play-Doh-ing!

pink and green mama

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preschool At Home: Apple Themed Play Dough Recipe and Activity

With big sister back at school last week, little sister and I have had more
time to jump back into our Preschool at Home activities. 
Our most recent was inspired by My Montessori Journey's
Apple Play-doh

I liked the idea so much I even shared the recipe with "C"s preschool teacher
for their apple unit next month. 

I improvised my own recipe
by adapting our usual Kool-Aid play-doh recipe
and adding some  Nutmeg, Allspice, and Cinnamon to the mix. 

We worked on a tray to prevent any staining or mess on the table/floor. 
"C" enjoyed learning how to pinch off small amounts of play-doh and 
roll them into little crab-apple-sized balls
Then she pushed a small stick/twig in the top as a stem and added a silk flower leaf

Super cute and fun. 
Kept her entertained for a good 40 minutes.
Mama had fun too and it smells so yummy!

No Cook Kool-Aid Play Doh Recipe:

1 Packet Sugar-Free Red Kool-Aid Mix
1 Cup of Flour
1/2 Cup of Salt
(for the apples we added a dash of  
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Allspice)

3 Teaspoons of Vegetable Oil
1 Cup Boiling Water

Mix dry ingredients;
then stir in oil and boiling water,
keep stirring for a minute or two --
once it cools down a bit pull it out of the bowl
and knead into a ball. Store in an air tight container.

Happy Play-doh-ing!

pink and green mama MaryLea

Monday, September 13, 2010

* Found Object Printmaking With Kids

I love printmaking.

I was a printmaker in college and love to experiment
with different printmaking techniques. 
Found object printmaking (printmaking with household items)
is a perfect first printmaking lesson with children. 

Collect stuff to print with:
(think plastic animals,
cars and trucks, balls)
toilet paper tubes,
bottle tops,
golf balls,
misc. recycling,
corrugated cardboard,
hair combs,
tooth brushes,
popsicle sticks,
empty thread spools,
washers and bolts,

(I raided our "Inventions Box")

Set up some shallow trays of paint.
Get some paper.

Start dipping and stamping, rolling, dragging, and experimenting!

The great thing about  this kind of project is that you can do it anywhere
if you have washable paint, paper,  and some random stuff!

We were outside in the driveway because it was a day of mess-making at Mom Would Never camp!

Group hand-washing stations were a must.
Happy Printmaking! 

pink and green mama,

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