Saturday, August 14, 2010

* Pink and Green Mama Crafts: Rainbow Fun Art Camp Lesson Plans EBook

In case you didn't get to attend my
Rainbow Fun Art Camps this summer...
Now you can have your own Rainbow Fun at home!
(or in your classroom)

20 Colorful Art Lessons
in a 47-page PDF Formatted
 Lesson Plan e-Book
for only $10.00
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Discount Code:

* Full-Color Templates
* Detailed Step-by-Step Photo Directions
* Color Photos of actual Student Artwork
* Supply Lists
*Suggested Reading List (NEW!)
* Additional Activities
*Songs (NEW!)

Packed with supply lists for each project,
photos of each completed project,
full-color templates, step-by-step photo instructions,
songs, bonus project ideas, suggested reading list,
and photos of student artwork;
this 47-page printable PDF
includes everything you need to create your own
Rainbow Fun Art Camp
lesson plans at home or in your classroom

These lessons can be done
on a one-on-one basis
with your own child
or in a large group/classroom setting
with several children. 

I've led small groups of 3-4 year olds
through all of these lessons
(with assistance from their parents)
as well as groups of 5-9 year olds
in my sumer art camps. 

These lessons and projects are also wonderful 
RAINBOW Birthday Party Activities!

We did several of them this
year at my daughter's 
Rainbow-Themed 7th Birthday Party
and the projects were a big hit 
with guests of all ages. 

You can do several lessons at once,
like a real camp experience,
or spread them out over several days or weeks;
whatever works best for your schedule.

Many of the supplies for these projects
will come from your own art and craft stash,
kitchen pantry, garage, and recycling bin!

The PDF e-book is designed
to be printed out
(I recommend using card stock paper and putting it in a binder!)
or you can read it directly from
your own home or classroom computer screen. 

This 47-page Art Lesson Book
is best suited for preschool (ages 3-4)
and elementary-school aged children (ages 5-9).

This $10.00 Art Lesson Collection includes:
20 Complete RainboArt Lessons
10 of my most-popular rainbow-themed blog art lessons
PLUS an additional 10 brand new
(never published on my blog) rainbow-themed art lessons!
To purchase the PDF:
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Happy Rainbow Making!
pink and green mama,

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