Friday, July 16, 2010

DIY Paint Chip Game - FREE Game to Entertain Kids in Waiting Rooms, Restaurants, or On the GO!

Life is filled with waiting.
Doctor's Offices, Plane Rides, Restaurants... you get the idea.
Why not make a simple game you can stash in your purse to entertain your kids!

It can be a little more fun if mama has a surprise (or two) up her sleeve (or in her purse)!
Entertaining little ones while waiting for food to arrive
at restaurants can  sometimes present a bit of challenge.

On the rare occasion that we actually  go out to eat with our children,
I try to keep some small and clever distractions 
stashed in my purse to supplement the usual crackers and bread,
or crayons and place mats.

This game was actually inspired by a reader comment from this blog
(thank you Anna!)

one of you said you made a game by laminating color sample chips
to play at restaurants.

Pure genius if you ask me!

I chopped up two identical sets of paint chips for my two girls
(to avoid fights) and stashed them in a small pocket in my purse.

I did not bother laminating them since they are pretty sturdy
and when they get dirty or gross, we can just recycle them!

When we went out to eat with my in-laws in Texas, I dealt a set to each one of my girls.

(photo taken with my phone at the restaurant)

"C" age 3,  really enjoyed sorting the colors,
finding matches, and then playing a memory game with me. 

We just turned over the colors (two of each color) and played several rounds
(happily, I might add) before our delicious food arrived. 
Hooray for happy (and patient!) little ones.

pink and green mama

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