Friday, July 16, 2010

DIY Paint Chip Game - FREE Game to Entertain Kids in Waiting Rooms, Restaurants, or On the GO!

Life is filled with waiting.
Doctor's Offices, Plane Rides, Restaurants... you get the idea.
Why not make a simple game you can stash in your purse to entertain your kids!

It can be a little more fun if mama has a surprise (or two) up her sleeve (or in her purse)!
Entertaining little ones while waiting for food to arrive
at restaurants can  sometimes present a bit of challenge.

On the rare occasion that we actually  go out to eat with our children,
I try to keep some small and clever distractions 
stashed in my purse to supplement the usual crackers and bread,
or crayons and place mats.

This game was actually inspired by a reader comment from this blog
(thank you Anna!)

one of you said you made a game by laminating color sample chips
to play at restaurants.

Pure genius if you ask me!

I chopped up two identical sets of paint chips for my two girls
(to avoid fights) and stashed them in a small pocket in my purse.

I did not bother laminating them since they are pretty sturdy
and when they get dirty or gross, we can just recycle them!

When we went out to eat with my in-laws in Texas, I dealt a set to each one of my girls.

(photo taken with my phone at the restaurant)

"C" age 3,  really enjoyed sorting the colors,
finding matches, and then playing a memory game with me. 

We just turned over the colors (two of each color) and played several rounds
(happily, I might add) before our delicious food arrived. 
Hooray for happy (and patient!) little ones.

pink and green mama

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

* Homemade Gifts: Marshmallow Shooters

Our other homemade  birthday gift for our summer 
birthday friends were a couple of these
Marshmallow Shooters!
They were a huge hit with the birthday boy and his little brother.

We had to make a set for ourselves too : )
Directions for these  can be found all over the internet. 
We liked this set at Family Capers the best.

(we included a set in the  birthday boy's gift bag in case
his parents want to make more for themselves!)

Daddy took the girls  on a field trip to 
the hardware store for supplies:

1/2 inch PVC (drinking water quality)
Sprinkler Pipe
End Caps
a Pipe Cutter....

(I see more PVC projects in our future!)
We also added a fresh bag
of Mini Marshmallows
and some Safety Goggles (from the Dollar Store)

We decorated ours with
Colored Masking Tape. 
Because we really can't leave  anything alone. 

Happy Tasty Shooting!

pink and green mama

Friday, July 2, 2010

Easy Kool-Aid Play Dough Recipe

This is our new favorite homemade play dough recipe. 
Smells fruity and the colors are so bright and vibrant!

* 1 Cup of Flour
* 1/4 Cup of Salt
* 1-2 Small Package(s) of Kool Aid (un-sweetened)
Color will be brighter with two packages!
1 Cup of Boiling Water

1 1/2 teaspoons. of Oil 
(NOTE: you may want to use less and add as necessary- sometimes it gets too greasy)

Mix the dry ingredients.
Then, Add Oil and Boiling Water
Stir well then, knead on a piece of waxed paper on the counter
(it will be hot for a couple of minutes)

You will need to do this  recipe for each color. 
So to do this batch,  I mixed up the recipe 5 times,
one batch for each color. 

Store in the fridge in a container. 

Did you know?

Playing with Dough builds small muscles in hands and fingers -- 
it is great for fine motor development. Have fun! 

pink and green mama

Fourth of July Fun: Sifted Flour Lawn Stars

Last year we decked out the front yard for the 4th of Julwith these 
Sifted Flour Stars!

First I cut out a couple of templates with my x-acto knife/box cutter (star shaped of course)
from a couple of  scrap pieces of cardboard from our recycling bin.
Psst... Pizza Boxes work REALLY well for this!

Then, I armed each of the girls with a spray bottle of water. 

First, I asked each girl to lay down their template on the grass.

Then, they sprayed the grass with water inside the star shape (so the flour will stick.)

Then we used someWhite Flourwith my vintage Flour Sifter
on the stencils to sprinkle the front yard with a smattering of festive stars!

We also did some on the sidewalk.

They lasted quite a while.

You could add some chalk decorations or 
to add some extra pizzazz to your driveway or sidewalk.

Happy Celebrating! 

Mom's Lemon Cake she decked out with blueberries and raspberries
just like the Family Circle cover  (July 4, 2009.)

"C" and her "Raggy" wish you a Happy 4th of July!

pink and green mama

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