Monday, June 28, 2010

Recycled Crayon Questions Answered

This morning I received an email from one of my readers 
about melting crayon bits into new crayons - one of our
favorite recycling projects for crayon nubbins! 

So here's Laura's note and my answers
(in case any of you have the same questions!)

hi - good morning! i first want to let you know how much i enjoy your blog!  
i have used several of your ideas for my two little boys.  
thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!  
as a mom who tries to go off the beaten path and nurture my children creatively, 
it's nice to have a  resource of activities for my children.

i have a (probably silly) question about  
taking broken crayons and 
 using molds to bake the crayon bits into shapes.  
thanks so much for your help!  and again, thanks for an amazing blog!
have a wonderful weekend! laura east hampton, ny

what kinds of molds  do you use and where do you find them?

I currently have a metal Wilton Mini(Cake?)Pan that we use as our
"designated" crayon-melting pan.

Ours happens to be heart-shaped so we use it at Valentine's Day
to make class valentines every year. 
(my apologies to the one or two kids who have been in the same class with my girls every year!)

Because the crayons contain who knows what, 
I only use the pan for this,  or sorting beads-- not for baking food. 
I wouldn't eat food in a pan that had been used to melt crayons!

I bought it at Michael's craft store in the cake decorating area years ago. 

I still see them all the time at Michaels and at Walmart.

do the crayons  pop out of the molds  without any spraying, etc?  
(can you tell i'm new at all this?)

Because I use a metal pan I spray it with non-stick cooking spray  
before I cook each batch- they pop out of the pan like a charm! 

what temp/ 
how long do you bake them for?

I bake our crayons at the lowest temperature
I can set my oven on... that happens to be 250 degrees
and they are fully melted in about 15 minutes 
(I leave on the lightand spy through the window)

I also run the exhaust fan or keep a window open
so the stinky crayon fumes don't kill us!

In the winter I set  the hot pan outside on our deck in the snow
to cool off or on the  cold concrete garage floor.

In the summer/spring, I just pull the pan out and carefully set it on our granite counter top to cool. 

I like to set our panon a foil-lined  baking sheet so if it sloshes or
spills I don't get  melted crayon wax in my oven or on my counters/floors! 

I use an x-acto knife or small box cutter to slice the paper labels on our crayons,
(one long horizontal slice --channel your inner surgeon)

It makes peeling them MUCH FASTER and you don't end up with all of those
crayon bits under your nails!

Thanks so much for the note Laura, I hope this answers all of your questions
and I wish you and your boys many wonderful afternoons filled with

I'm always happy to answer  your crafty questions here, just send me an email!

pink and green mama

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