Sunday, June 6, 2010

End Of The Year Teacher Gift: Fairy Garden In A Pot

This is my favorite project we've made in a while and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

It's that time of year again...

School is ending and I needed gifts for the wonderful women who teach my daughters....

Teachers are their Mamas away from home.

Instead of gift cards, or coffee cups,  or even cut flowers.... we decided to get crafty 
and make a gift from the heart for each of their special teachers.

That meant three potted Fairy Gardensone for each teacher 
(two for preschool, and one First Grade teacher) plus a bonus garden to keep at home
(because you can't make something this cool and not keep one for your own kids to enjoy!)

First, the girls painted these little wooden houses we found for  $1 each (!)
at Michaels Craft Sstore with washable acrylic craft paint.
If you were going to keep yours outdoors, add a layer of clear acrylic sealant.

"E" (age 7) added moss to the roof of hers to make it more elf/fairy-like.
"C" (age 3) just wanted to go with lots of color.

While the houses dried, we went out to the garage  and got to work filling our pots.
(plastic salad bowls I found at Walmart in the Seasonal patriotic display area)

We added a layer of fish gravel to help with drainage....

Then, spagnum moss...

Then we started planting flowers and herbs in organic potting mix.

We added some pebble pathwaysassorted dried moss (from the craft store),
and made little "Welcome" stones (or "Thank you!") to set by the front door of each house.

The final touches included some  wooden lady bugs painted by the girls
and some little butterflies with signs to say "thanks" to our very favorite teachers.

The girls LOVED making them. 

pink and green mama

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