Friday, May 14, 2010

* Make A Kid's Art Apron Smock from a Hand Towel

I got a bleach stain on this blue hand towel.
Could have kept using it in our powder room  but I had another trick up my sleeve...
Why not turn it into a kid's art apron/smock?!
We certainly use them around here!

Re-Use and RePurpose your old hand towels into something useful!

Folded under two corners of the towel to make the top of the apron/smock,
pinned them with straight pins and pinned a bit of 
felt ribbon in there as a neck strap. 

Ran it through the sewing machine.

Then turned up approximately 6 inches
of the bottom of the towel to make a big pocket at the bottom of the apron/smock.

(I added the purple felt ribbon detail and flower
to jazz it up a bit - because I can't leave anything alone)

Then, I stitched up two more lines 
to divide the big pocket
into three smaller pockets -- 
perfect for holding crayola twistables, 
colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc.

No ties in the back, just put it on and you're ready to go--
I left it hanging on our kid's art easel. 

The nice thing about this apron/smock
is both girls can wear it.

I need to make some more
before my summer art camps for kids start (June-August).

Creativity in our house = some level of creative mess

Happy Mess-Making! 

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